Frequently asked questions about kitchen cabinetry

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It depends on the extent of the renovation. General rule of thumb is four weeks to design, manufacture and install brand new cabinetry.
Of course. We can easily craft cabinets for small kitchens and kitchenettes.
Yes, however we recommend a full cabinet renovation rather than a partial replacement. Even though the cupboards may be in good condition now, they still may need replacing in the future. Renovating the cupboard—or carcass—is the cheapest part of the cabinet making process.
We offer complete cabinetry renovation and fit-outs for residential and commercial properties. In addition to our kitchen cabinets, we provide wardrobes and vanities as well as laundry designs.
Yes—in fact we encourage it. Our tradespeople prefer to see the space to properly envision how the new cabinetry will look before starting work.